German Roaches(Blattella Germanica)
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German cockroaches are a small, brown insect known for its tendency to invade homes. They are known to create colonies in homes, and they breed quickly and easily – which means that homeowners that try to eliminate the German Cockroach on their own are likely to be quickly frustrated, as only a few remaining eggs can re-spawn the entire colony.


  • Official Name: Blattella Germanica
  • Length: 1.6cm
  • Color: Brown
  • Poisonous: No
  • Cause of Distress: Home Invasions, Food Invasions


German roaches are the fastest reproducing home invading cockroaches on earth. It takes them less than 100 days to become adults, compared to other cockroaches that may take up to a year. Eggs are carried by the mother until they hatch. The nymphs are only 3mm long, and go through several molting cycles before they have matured into adults. Roughly 15 to 50 eggs are carried at any given time by a fertilized female cockroach.


German cockroaches are notorious home invaders and talented enough at hiding and breeding to set up their own colonies inside of your home. They are also nocturnal, which means they tend to feed at night when humans are asleep. German cockroaches prefer warmer environments and tend to prefer sugary foods, so cabinets and counters that have open containers or spilled food are the most likely to be invaded. Though they are not direct carriers of diseases, cockroaches breed quickly, can spread bacteria, and trigger allergies in a large portion of the population. As such, an out-of-control cockroach invasion can cause a lot of distress to homeowners.


German roach prevention can be difficult without trained pest control measures. In Virginia, cockroaches invade not only for food, but also because they are unable to survive in colder weather and homes represent warmth. However, you can decrease the likelihood of a pest invasion by:

  • Sealing and Removing Food Sources – Make sure that the cockroaches have no food sources available, especially in cabinets. Remove trash nightly if possible.
  • Sealing Open Spaces Around the Home – Cockroaches can be deterred by a process known as “exclusion,” which seals up potential entrance points around your home so cockroaches cannot survive.
  • Improve Ventilation – Cockroaches are attracted to warm, moist environments like bathrooms and kitchens. Improving ventilation can lead to better prevention