Hornets(Vespa Crabro)
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Hornets a member of the wasp family, and a common pest in North Carolina. Hornets create large nests that house thousands of hornet workers at once, and these nests are often built near homes, trees, and even inside of attacks. Hornets are not necessarily aggressive, but they are territorial and can sting multiple times, and when the hornets feel as though they or their nest is threatened they will attack – and sometimes in group.


  • Official Name: Vespa Crabro
  • Length: 5cm to 3cm long.
  • Color: Yellow, black.
  • Poisonous: Stinger has venom. Not deadly unless allergic.
  • Cause of Distress: Painful stings. Large nests.


Hornets, like other colony insects, have a queen that lays about 100 eggs per day. The eggs are then fed all the way until they pupate, and then emerge as adult hornets. These hornets then immediately get to work, finding food and materials for the hive.


Hornets are not naturally aggressive. But when threatened, hornets will sting, and in some cases they will sting multiple times. If you corner them somewhere in your home you can be at risk for a sting, and if you stumble upon their nest you may be at risk for a hornet swarm. The stings can also be very dangerous for anyone in your family that has an allergy.


You can prevent hornets from entering your home by sealing up any possible entrance points. Hornets can only get into your home through holes in wood, windows, and more. Preventing nests is a bit more difficult. Some believe that a giant fake hornet nest may be able to deter North Carolina hornets, but this has not been tested. Monthly pest control is the single most effective method of removing hornets.