Just the thought of mosquitoes can be enough to ruin a nice day outside. They are known for being a nuisance. With spring here, taking the necessary steps to avoid mosquitoes is extremely important. Mosquito control treatments performed by professionals can help reduce these pests by targeting adult mosquitoes and larvae throughout your property. There are many factors that determine how beneficial these treatments are in helping protect you, your family, and your property.

Mosquito season typically runs from April until October. Warm season is a major factor when it comes to their activity. They are highly attracted to standing water and will usually lay their eggs there for survival. This is common for mosquitoes because they only need a small amount of water to do so. Once these eggs hatch, it can be difficult to try and control them.

If mosquitoes have hatched and are roaming your property, they can find their way inside your home. They are small which allows them to easily fit inside of holes or gaps leading into your house. It’s essential for windows and doors to have screens that are in good condition to help keep them out. If they make it inside, mosquitoes will search for a perfect place to lay eggs.

Female mosquitoes will bite and feed on humans and animals. This is because they require a blood meal to lay fertile eggs. The bites they leave can become red, itchy, and irritating for both humans and animals. Mosquito bites are also dangerous because they can spread viruses such as West Nile or Zika. To avoid mosquito bites, you should take precautions when you know you will be outside during the peak season. You can use EPA-registered mosquito repellants or wear long-sleeved shirts and pants.

With mosquito treatments, a pest professional can inspect your property to identify the resting and breeding areas. This will allow them to eliminate these pests more effectively. These services are recommended monthly during peak mosquito season to help you have a bite-free spring and summer! If you are concerned with mosquitoes on your property, contact your local pest control company for a free inspection!

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