Once the winter hits North Carolina, the last thing you want to deal with is a cold home! With temperatures dropping, it’s important that your heating systems are ready, and your home is prepared to weather the cold. If not, you could be dealing with cold air and high energy bills. Crawl space enclosure in the winter provides a solution to both problems that many homeowners face.

North Carolina Crawl Space Enclosure Benefits

There are several benefits to enclosing your crawlspace. One that many look forward to is saving on their energy bill.  The moisture in your crawlspace can affect the temperature inside the home, causing the HVAC unit or furnace to run longer to help keep your home warm, and in return uses more electricity. When you enclose your crawlspace, the moisture barrier acts as a sealant, which controls the moisture levels. This will ease the strain of your HVAC system to make your home more energy-efficient and save on energy bills.

Another great benefit of enclosing your crawlspace is preventing mold growth and odor. If left open, high moisture levels can cause unwanted growth, creating considerable damage to your home, posing a health risk to your family, and potentially causing an odor throughout your home.

An unsealed crawlspace is an open invitation to pests looking for shelter, food, and water. Once inside, these pests can cause damage and present a health risk to your home and family. After the crawlspace enclosure installation is complete, the moisture barrier can help eliminate entry points for these pests to infest, providing you with another avenue of pest control.

Consider calling a pest control company near you for a crawlspace enclosure inspection and quote to stay warm and pest-free in the winter!

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