Properly Store Your Holiday Décor to Keep Pests Away

Properly Store Your Holiday Décor to Keep Pests Away

With the holidays here, it’s time to take all the decorations out of storage and make the house jolly again! Hopefully, you aren’t discovering pests in your storage of choice. There are some ways to ensure that pests cannot get a hold of your holiday decorations; let’s break it down:

  • Storage Containers – Avoid using cardboard boxes when packing away your holiday décor. Cardboard absorbs moisture and can be an attractive home to pests and rodents. Instead, use plastic containers with tight-fitting lids.
  • Tree and Wreath Bags – When packing your wreaths and artificial trees away, be sure to utilize zippered bags. These bags can repel moisture and will keep pests away!
  • Handmade ‘Edible’ Décor – Orange sliced garlands, gingerbread houses, or cookie cutout ornaments should only be enjoyed for one season. Be extra cautious packing them up as they attract rodents and pests.
  • Keep Storage Areas Clean – If you utilize your attic as a storage area, inspect the space first for any signs of pests as you are taking items out and putting them away. Likewise, if you utilize an unfinished basement or any closet in the home, investigate for pest signs. It’s always a good time to inspect your interior.

Enjoy a pest-free holiday season with these easy DIY pest control tips. If the problem is bigger than you can handle, be sure to reach out to your local pest control company, and they will be able to provide a free inspection.

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